Thursday, October 4, 2018


The photos tell the story.....

The last couple of days

Well the last couple of days have been really busy. On Wednesday we went to school all day - we joined classes such as ICT and then did some teaching ourselves during the culture rotation time. This continued today too. Our children taught poi, rakau, played 'kiwiana' bingo and taught games such as Octopus and Jailbreak to the Japanese children. It went off really well.
On Wednesday night we all nervously went to our host families for dinner. What a great and varied time we had. Some had the whole family at the meal, others dined at a restaurant, another went for a ride on a Sedgeway and the list goes on. We all came back to the hotel buzzing as we really enjoyed the evenings we spent with the families.
This morning we went to school for the final time and were farewelled in style. The bus did a round of the car park and we waved as the children cheered and waved their flags. Our time at school had come to an end.
We then set off to Nagoya to go to Legoland since we missed going on Sunday (we told the children it was the reward for all their hard work teaching!!). It was a great way to round off our trip.
Tomorrow we start our trek home flying overnight to NZ. What a wonderful time we have had!